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How exactly is she supposed to be her true self in teeny-tiny Hawkins, Indiana? Robin kept in touch with Erica and guided her through the vents, using Dustin's supercom. With no other options, Robin and Steve tried to figure out another way to open the door as Dustin and Erica fell asleep, but they could not find a different way to get the elevator to work, leaving the group trapped all night. Hawke will be joined in Stranger Things' Season 4 cast by her brother Levon Thurman-Hawke , who's been spotted on set playing a punk rock character. Robin is also skilled in biking, soccer, and band as she's been in it for twelve years. Robin begs to help, saying she is just bored and does not want credit which the boys agree to as Steve gives her the recording. Her character officially comes out in episode seven, as she and Steve are hopped-up on truth serum in a mall bathroom.

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She is in a variety of activities, playing in band since she was five , acquiring fluency in French, Italian, Spanish, Pig Latin, and was skilled in soccer. Robin started attending Hawkins High in , being labeled a band dweeb due to her interest in band. Robin then reveals that she knows about the Russian transmission and says that they have not been able to translate it because the Russians used an entirely different alphabet, much to the boys' surprise. As Erica climbed through the vent, Robin guided Erica to the secret room and seemed relieved when Erica made it out of the vent and entered the room safe and sound.

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Evidently, this is very hard for Robin to admit because she's afraid of what it might mean for the friendship between her and Steve. While Robin easily wins the position, Steve is not immediately hired, until Robin points out Steve's charm will attract "dozens" of women to their store. Erica then states she wants to drink the substance rather than die of dehydration, despite Robin pointing out that the substance is not water. When she and Steve are caught by the Russians, Robin reveals she has faced adversity because of her differences.

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Robin awkwardly tells him that while she really likes him as a friend, her romantic feelings belong to a fellow female classmate named Tammy Thompson. When Robin and the others see have entered an underground base, they have no choice, but to walk into the base. Dustin suggests they could climb out due to noticing a hatch on the elevator's ceiling, only to discover they are thousands of floors below the mall, leaving them unable to climb to the surface.

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After a failed attempt to cut it out by Jonathan, El instead pulls it out psychically, which Robin watches in shock and awe. Upon discovering this, Robin runs out to the center of the mall where she figures the other hidden elements of the message such as the Imperial Panda restaurant "A trip to China sounds nice" , the Kaufman Shoes store "if you tread lightly" , and the mall's giant clock "when blue meets yellow in the west". However, Hawke says she had no idea Robin would receive the amount of support she has, especially considering the newness of the ice cream-scooping character. Initially, Robin takes joy in watching Steve fail to impress female customers and failing school while Steve disliked Robin for snarky behavior and attitude towards him. Robin believes that Russia could have carousel horses like this one, but Steve is doubtful as the carousel horse is an "Indiana Flyer" and thinks the message did not come from Russia, but rather from Hawkins within the mall, much to Robin's and Dustin's shock. When Steve activities it, Robin jokingly asks if he wants a ride until Dustin recognizes the carousel's music from the recorded Russian message. Robin informed 'Dingus' that his "children" were here. When Robin enters the back room to get Steve, she finds her board tallying Steve's flirtations was been erased and replaced with Russian to English letters. When the power at the mall suddenly went out, Steve repeatedly tried to get the lights back by flicking the light switch on, much to Robin's annoyance.

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Erica and Dustin managed to escape the base, but are forced to avoid the employed Russians of the mall by hiding out in the movies, where they attempt to wait out while Robin and Steve sober up. When listening to a Russian transmission, Robin is able to translate and learn the language, showing her capability in learning a new language and picking up small clues that relate to the Russian message, showing she is academically intelligent. She is somewhat impulsive and yet brave, as shown when she spits on the face of one of their Russian captors.

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Robin is often heard saying snarky remarks toward Steve and Dustin when they are trying to figure out the code that was overheard from Dustin's Cerebro until the boys allow her to help them decode it. When the elevator finally stopped moving, Steve attempted to open the door by pushing on the buttons, but Robin revealed that they could not open the door due to it being electronically locked and they would need the Russians' keycard to unlock it. When Steve prevents Robin from taking the recording, she reveals that she wants to help them as she's fluent in four languages; Spanish, French, Italian, and pig Latin which she briefly uses to make fun of the boys and having been in band for twelve years.

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