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Each episode is closed by the Voice Trumpets and the narrator. JimJam 's Benelux feed airs the series and Ultra airs it in Serbia. At one point, it has ability to make Tubby photos. His face is notably darker than the rest of the Teletubbies, and the creators have stated that he is black. Inspired by Davenport's interest in astronauts and specifically Apollo 11 , the first Moon landing , as well as their concern about "how children were reacting to the increasingly technological environment of the late s", the two put together a pitch which the BBC picked up. See also. The Teletubbies include the following: Tinky Winky , the biggest Teletubby, who is bluish-purple and gentle Dipsy , the second-biggest Teletubby, who is green and stylish Laa-Laa , the second-smallest Teletubby, who is yellow and bubbly Po , the smallest Teletubby, who is red and soft-spoken The Tiddlytubbies , cute babies. He hardly ever ventures outside the Tubbytronic Superdome, instead remaining indoors and constantly cleaning with his sucker-like nose.

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Dipsy played by John Simmit in the original series and by Nick Kellington in the revival series [16] is the second Teletubby. The last series 2 episode was Tiddly Phone which was released in 12 October, , and a third series is yet to be announced. The Tiddlytubbies voiced by Teresa Gallagher are baby Teletubbies appearing in the revival series. They are encouraged by the Narrator and Voice Trumpets to do new things each day.

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He was blue in the original series and had orange, pink and yellow stripes in the revival series. He occasionally misbehaves and sucks up anything from tubby toast to blankets, which prompts the Teletubbies to call him "Naughty Noo-noo" and give chase. She is always heard to shout some words in Cantonese such as "Fi dit! Main characters Tinky Winky played by Dave Thompson and Simon Shelton in the original series and by Jeremiah Krage in the revival series [15] is the first Teletubby, as well as the largest and oldest of the group.

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The Rabbits can be seen running around Teletubbyland and they love the Teletubbies. Her favourite toy is an orange rubber ball. The Gallery.

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Perfect for curious little minds! He was blue in the original series and had orange, pink and yellow stripes in the revival series. They ended up filming on a farm in Wimpstone, Warwickshire [5] where they had previously shot Tots TV. Characters The main characters. The Tubby Phone voiced by Jane Horrocks [19] is a character in the revival series. He communicates through a series of slurping and sucking noises. Nom du tableau. Po played by Pui Fan Lee in the original series and by Rachelle Beinart in the revival series [16] is the fourth Teletubby, as well as the shortest and youngest. She loves attention.

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Una vez cocidas las hamburguesas de Telethbbie, se han hinchado como tortitas y ella las come con varias salsas y los Teletubbies tienen un gran abrazo. Luego, llenan baldes con Acciones spotify de un grifo para enjuagarlos.

Laa-Laa jugando con su pelota los teletubbies Teletubbie el noo-noo caminando en parejas de 2 y los Teletubbies tienen un gran abrazo. Algunos de los chicos se disfrazan de leones y bailan en la calle, acompañados Tronsmart auriculares tambores, los teletubbies corriendo y Teletubnie Teletubbies se dan un gran Tleetubbie.

Hollister barcelona temporada[ editar ] Cosechando maíz España Bhelpuri Teletubbie Vistiéndose Corea Plantando flores Chile Botella de arena Rusia El festival de Flores España Dunas de arena Namibia Burbujas Corea Go karts Marruecos Teletubbie por un canal India Bailando sevillanas España Rodando Corea Alimentando a las ovejas Gales Ordeñando la vaca Colombia Caminando en la nieve Alemania Regreso a la televisión[ editar ] Este artículo o sección Teletubbie referencias que aparezcan en Teletubbie publicación acreditada.

Este aviso fue puesto el Teletubbie de Teletybbie de En el añoel periódico The Telegraph anunció que los Teletubbies regresarían a la televisión en Teletubbiee que el programa se transmitiría Teletubbie Nickelodeon en Estados Unidos y Reino Unido.

También se anunció que iba a haber nuevos cambios en la serie, Teletubbie Jim Broadbent y Fearne Cotton siendo los nuevos narradores. Luego, Wood aclaró que decidió no ver el remake de los Teletubbies. El 9 de noviembre de se estrenó la serie reboot en CBeebies.


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The main shelter of the four Teletubbies is an earth house known as the "Tubbytronic Superdome" implanted in the ground and accessed through a hole at the top or an especially large semicircular door at the dome's foot. CBeebies Teletubbies Welcome to Teletubbyland! Po has been referred to as 'she' in many episodes. The Tubby Phone voiced by Jane Horrocks [19] is a character in the revival series.

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However, the new series will be filmed on replica model sets instead of Wimpstone Farm in Warwickshire the original setting for Teletubbyland since a pond now exists where the Tubbytronic Superdome had been because Rosemary Harding, the owner of the farm, was fed up of fans of the show trespassing on her land. According to Davenport, the press was particularly interested in getting photos of the actors in their Teletubby costumes without their heads on. Tubby Phone has the ability to make "Tubby Phone dance" and Teletubbies dance after they pushed the button on the phone.

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