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The limiting factor of this load is the dramatic loss in velocity over a short distance. Again, as with all. Current loads from Remington include the 75 grain Accutip at fps, the traditional 80 grain soft point at fps, an 80 grain hollow point at , the 90 grain Swift Scirocco at fps, the 95 grain Accutip at fps, the traditional grain Core-Lokt at and finally, the gr Core-Lokt Ultra at fps. Sometimes these projectiles will exit animals, other times the remaining fragments will arrest in offside muscle, bone or skin. The Hot-Cor produces adequate penetration for use on larger bodied deer Mule, Red and Caribou with both cross body and quartering shots although it must be noted that penetration is only slightly better than other conventional bullet brands. The 95 grain SST is pure dynamite. Regarding game weights, the. The 55 grain Ballistic Silvertip and 80 grain soft point are of course designed for varminting. Even so, this is a rather fragile projectile and at close range, has a tendency to disintegrate from the cannelure forwards.

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Ultimately, the SST produces slow kills with tail on shots on medium game so this point of aim should be avoided. The 85 grain GK produces a wide but also deep wound and on light bodied game, always exits on cross body shots. Instead, these are the worst points of aim for the.

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GunBot does not endorse any of the retailers or products listed. With attention to shot placement and actually acknowledging the limitations of the cartridge, this lady is able to fully utilize the. This diminutive little bullet can, incredibly, take lighter medium game with tail on shots and does so in a consistent manner. The 85 grain InterBond is a very good performer but also has its limitations.

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In recent years, ammunition manufacturers have given the. On heavy boned deer, careful shot placement is the key. Neck shots on medium game should be avoided with such a load.

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Nevertheless, for those who are able to obtain the Accutip load, the combination of bullet performance and muzzle velocity is well balanced. Hornady have very much breathed new life into the. Neither possess greater penetrative or expansion qualities and because of this, the higher BC BTSP is superior due to its ability to retain higher velocity for greater wounding down range. However, for every success story there are just as many failures. This projectile is softer than the SST however penetration tends to be very similar with the same limitations. Click on the centre to see its location on a map. Order at your own risk! The grain Speer is however ideally suited to extended range work in the. The grain Nosler partition is, at least in theory, a far better offering. The balance of light recoil and versatility as both a varmint and big game cartridge quickly led to the.

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This bullet has both a high BC and its Interlock mechanism works well in this instance. The diameter of the hollow point on this projectile causes slower expansion than is the case with soft point projectiles with the result of producing gradual but full expansion along with good penetration. Loaded with controlled expanding conventional bullets, the. When using this projectile, it is absolutely imperative to avoid neck shots on game at extended ranges, regardless of the obvious merits of neck shooting.

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The 90 grain Swift Scirocco is possibly one of the best medium game factory loadings for the. The grain Vital-Shok formally Hi-Shok is another basic conventional load. Regardless, killing performance is always consistent and the Accutip can be expected to penetrate through to vitals from quartering shots and on lightly bodied deer, produce a free bleeding exit wound on cross body shots. Beyond this range, as velocity falls below fps, wound channels become much narrower.

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