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If they have cascading stems see below this will add significant length to the plants appearance. This means they're nice and happy with lovely warm temperatures and little air movement all the time. Leaves with brown streaks normally in Winter This is a watering fault. Conocer la experiencia de navegación del usuario. Spider Plant Problems It's pretty difficult to kill Spider Plants so while it rarely just dies on you, your plant may get a few ugly side effects if you're not treating it quite right. In a few weeks you'll have roots see photo below and you can follow the directions from Method One above. The all green version which has no variegation to lose will accept a darker location although growth will be much slower.

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If the soil is wet or you go colder than this, some damage will likely result. Flowers Mature plants will produce a rapidly growing flowering stem on which small white flowers appear. Temperature The average warmth of a typical home is the key to good growth. Feeding These tough plants accept occasional feeding, but for even regular growth, try and feed at least once a month using a standard houseplant fertiliser.

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Fotos de la planta Chlorophytum comosum, Clorofito o Cintas Chlorophytum comosum. Almacenar preferencias de navegación. Add green plant liquid fertilizer every 8 to 15 days during the growing phase.

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In spring and summer Keep the soil mix moist and check that water drains properly. Fotos de la planta Chlorophytum comosum, Clorofito o Cintas Chlorophytum comosum. Repotting If ideal care has been provided, you'll end up repotting a Spider Plant into a bigger pot every Spring until it reaches maturity after about 2 to 5 years.

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Existen 2 tipos de cookies dependiendo de la gestión de las mismas: Cookies propias: son aquellas que son enviadas al navegador o dispositivo y son gestionadas exclusivamente por nosotros para el mejor funcionamiento del Sitio Web. Which ever method you pick, in about a month you will have something like the picture below. So mist the leafage with soft water and add fertilizer regularly. There is no need to use any type of rooting hormone. First of all, double-check that the pot has a hole in the bottom. Any exposure to a hard frost will totally destroy the plant over night. Prefieren un suelo fértil mezclado con un poco de turba y arena gruesa.

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Estas plantas se utilizan en macetas colgantes o en un pedestal como plantas de interior y en sotobosque claros. You don't need to water as frequently in Winter as the plant is hardly growing at this time of the year. Son plantas de raíces tuberosas muy valoradas por sus elegantes hojas verdes atravesadas por una franja de color amarillo claro. La variedad Chlorophytum capense tiene las hojas totalmente verdes.

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If you're worried your plant is too big already and you aren't able to move it to a different location, don't repot into a larger container and this will restrict its growth It's very easy and super quick to propagate new plants Propagation It's very easy and super quick to propagate Spider Plants by planting up their offsets or Spider Babies. To fix this, once the risk of cold snaps have passed, we do something horrible to them and put them outdoors for two or three weeks in late Spring or Early Summer and this helps massively. Smart tip about Chlorophytum This plant often sends out runners.

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