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They continue to pretend they hate each other and as if them dating was a game and they never loved each other. Mia supported and helped Roberta during this difficult time in her life, and Roberta supported Mia. She has been under the harassment of the school prefect, Gaston, for quite a while, leading her to investigate the reason why Gaston's grudge towards her. He's from a small town, a wrestler, and from the get-go, Diego does not like him probably because he rescued Diego from 'drowning' instead of the true person he wanted to rescue him-the hot new swim coach. He travels to Mexico and tells his mother he is going over there to attend a university. Lola hates her because of this. Later on, Diego made a bet with Tomas that he could get her to be his girlfriend.

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Roberta, ofendida, joga uma lata de bebida no decote de Celina. He has a passion for music although his father doesn't allow it. However, during Christmas he asks her out and she says yes.

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While she was away, Miguel met a girl named Sabrina. However soon she started liking him, but she did not love him. He returns in an attempt to see Lupita again, but is surprised when he sees her in company of Santos.

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He tells her to get along with Lupita and she does so. In the third season Teo wants to get back with Jose Lujan but she doesn't really seem to care because she is too preoccupied with her own problems. He is immediately expelled and he never returns to Elite Way.

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He decided to dump her and left her heartbroken. He is heartbroken and angry. Javier will do anything to get Roberta to like him, even telling her convincing lies about Diego to turn her away from him; even though Roberta, nor Jose Lujan know that he likes them. His parents are grateful they had enough left to get the butcher shop running and to pay for Giovanni's schooling at Elite Way. She is friends with nearly everyone and doesn't pick sides. He falls in love with Roberta in the first season. Miguel tells everyone how much he loves Mia and kisses her. She has a giant heart and she shares it with others. She is hurt and breaks up with Diego thinking it was all a game, not knowing he really does have feelings for her. At the beginning of the series, she used to write an anonymous newspaper filled with gossip called Anónimos "anonymous" about her peers.

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She is the girlfriend of santos echage. Played by: Diego Boneta A somewhat geeky and highly obnoxious student who passes his time by filming other students on his hand-held camera, which makes them mad. She accepted Mia as her step sister, and Franco as her step father. Her father abandoned her, Dulce and her mother when they were little.

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Every guy wants to date her, but Mia is afraid that she'll get her heart broken. Rocco finds Vico's mom and brings them back together. Played by: Estefania Villarreal An overweight girl who often wallows in self-pity because she has never had a boyfriend. However, due to her meddling in Gaston's obscure past, she gets extremely upset and desperately wants her out of the way.

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