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Instead, it was said to have wobbled and then slid, unaided. Grosse also served in the military. Johnny and Billy were the youngest. Prior to its release, Janet and Margaret were frequently interviewed. There are those who believe the Hodgson sisters were fraudulent in their assertions that the house was haunted. The stories which they do recall have changed slightly since that time. There was no reasonable explanation, according to Peggy and her children. The Enfield haunting proved to be too complicated for Grosse to handle on his own, so he called the SPR to request assistance. These sceptics believe that two naughty and attention-starved girls, Margaret and Janet, fabricated the events.

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Janet is the only character in the book who does not earn a pseudonym. The Enfield Haunting Recordings Over the course of time in which Playfair and Grosse were present in the Hodgson home, several recordings were made. Grosse, Playfair and the Hodgsons decided to release this recording to a radio station. On several occasions, Janet claimed to be Bill Wilkins.

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However, during their interviews, the women confessed to have fabricating some of the events which supposedly occurred. As mentioned, Janet Hodgson went into therapy in a psychiatric hospital. However, he did investigate the events, and concluded that it was a hoax.

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The Smurl family experienced what is thought to be a possession as well. The girl would use quite foul language, and this was uncharacteristic. To begin exploring these arguments, one must first understand the definition of the word poltergeist.

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Vic and Peggy Nottingham lived in Green Street, and the families would occasionally socialize. He had been interested in the paranormal since his daughter died; he claimed until his death in that he had experienced strange occurrences in the months following her accident. This series takes a deeper look at the emotional relationships between members of the Hodgson family, Guy Lyon Playfair and Maurice Grosse. Lonely, she perpetuated the story. Ghostwatch Ghostwatch was a bizarre type of film. And the fact that she called the media has given way to some speculation about the haunting as a whole — that the whole event was created for media attention. No member of the Hodgson family has been able to explain how the Enfield haunting stopped. Janet has also claimed that she became twisted with window curtains around her neck by an invisible force. Maurice Grosse, in a television interview, states that Janet had little knowledge of the supernatural prior to his arrival.

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Throughout his book, he recounts his experiences with exorcists, devil worshippers, haunted houses and the occasional séance. The press waited, but the house was silent. Upon landing, they did not roll. He also speaks of his experiences with Janet Hodgson.

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To begin exploring these arguments, one must first understand the definition of the word poltergeist. Soon thereafter, the police arrived and began to search the house. The second is physical activity which affected only Janet; none of her family members experienced these phenomena.

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