Uppsala suecia. July 2019-June 2020 (11 Photos)

Medieval Uppsala — [ edit ] Helga Trefaldighets kyrka and Uppsala cathedral In the temple at Uppsala was burned as a part of the Christianisation of Sweden. In the 16th century several important church meetings were held in Uppsala. It was the world's first of its kind. After a fire in , the nave and transepts of the cathedral were removed, leaving only the choir and central tower, and with the addition of the sacristy and the porch gave the church its present outer appearance. The old cathedral was probably built in the 11th century, but finished in the 12th century. It was organized by the student body at the university. That nation has a magnificent temple, which is called Uppsala, located not far from the city of Sigtuna. He was, like his father, fortunate in friends and in good seasons.

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For he paid to the gods abominable offerings, by beginning to slaughter human victims. A new Church Ordinance was accepted in , and in the Uppsala Synod took place. The dead was also given several glass beakers, a tafl game , a comb and a hone.

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In the 15th century, vaults were added as well as chalk paintings. Remind me later. Astronomer, physicist and mathematician Anders Celsius — was also buried at Gamla Uppsala Church next to his grandfather Magnus Celsius —

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By using our website you accept our use of cookies. The tumuli were constructed on top of the ridge. In the Archdiocese was moved from Gamla Uppsala to Aros, on the condition that the name Uppsala moved with the Archdiocese, which is how the city got its current name. By the blood of these creatures it is the custom to appease the gods.

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Then began the Upsal domains, which have remained ever since. Some cookies have already been set. Main article: Temple at Uppsala A composite model of Gamla Uppsala from throughout history, as exhibited at the local museum. What kind of tree it is nobody knows. During his reign Uppsala experienced a severe decline. This grove is so sacred to the people that the separate trees in it are believed to be holy because of the death or putrefaction of the sacrificial victims. The number of university students increased rapidly, from 8, in to 21, in

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Geographical description[ edit ] Gamla Uppsala lies on Fyris Wolds , a cultivated plain in the valley of the River Fyris which is densely populated in its southern part, while the northern part consists of farms. In women were allowed to study at the university and in Betty Pettersson became the first woman to graduate from a university in Sweden. That nation has a magnificent temple, which is called Uppsala, located not far from the city of Sigtuna. It was organized by the student body at the university.

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Therefore, the food industry and production of bricks from the muddy soil both grew as businesses in Uppsala. Freyr erecting the Temple at Uppsala The site where Uppsala stands is a fertile plain. They are dated to the 5th and 6th centuries.

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